Institute for Family and Society Studies


“Family is too important not to talk about it!”


Our mission statement inspires our experts, scientists and journalists who make up the Team of our Institute for Family and Society Studies Foundation every day. We are united by the belief that family life is a space as well as an opportunity for unique experience and a path to personal happiness each of us desires.

Our goals 

The Foundation was established in 2019 and it came to life as the result of the encounter of people whose passion was to promote family by the language of modern media and research. That’s why we look for answers to crucial questions, address socially relevant topics and create media content around issues that families live by. These include the upbringing of the younger generation, the role and impact of the education and social and economic processes on families. Our researchers analyze the influence of the families on the quality and standard of living, social structure and prospects for socio-economic development. We are convinced that the wellbeing of the future generations can be influenced by this knowledge and its communication.


Creation of family media
That’s why one of our foundation’s goals is to create and develop media that promote high-quality knowledge about the importance of marriage and parenthood for society, as well as building reliable image of the family in the public space. It broadens awareness of the importance of marriage and families for the prosperity and flourishing of future generations as well as the role of family and intergenerational ties for communities in the context of their identity and history. 

Research and scientific expertise 

Families in the 21st century’s Poland and Europe are undergoing a process of permanent and complex change. Their role in the development of local communities, municipalities, cities and states requires constant analysis, research and description. Therefore, with the expertise of our researchers from various disciplines and practitioners in the field of family policy, we create recommendations for family, social and educational policies. 

Analysis and commentary on current social matters/issues/concerns

We specialize in in-depth analysis of social, economic and cultural aspects of the functioning of the family. We participate in conferences and scientific meetings, we conduct workshops for local government and business officials. We cooperate with media, research centers, institutions and NGOs on national and international level. We also develop and consult forecasts for selected regions of Poland.


Creating a positive image of the family

As an NGO, we carry out educational and informational campaigns „Family on Air”, promoting a good image of the family in the media and public space. We run projects aimed at expanding the space of media communication on family topics and improving relationships in families.

 Development of modern journalism

We support the development of media competences and knowledge of young generation. As a part of the „Journalist Academy” project, we train a group of young journalists to work in the field of family-oriented media – they are engaged in creating our websites for young women (“Exceptional”) and young men (“To Be a Man”). 

Promoting social integration

Within the project „Direction: Integration - from crisis through support to integration of refugee families”, we create media content for families from Ukraine and make efforts to support their activity in the Polish job market. 


Education and culture/cultural promotion

    We also conduct publishing activity aimed at families. These include the dissemination and promotion of Polish cultural heritage – one of the results of such activities is the comic book on Jan Ignacy Paderewski – famous Polish pianist and politician who devoted his life and career to the fight for Polish independence in 1918 after I World War. 


We invite you to support our activities:

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